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Month: October 2016

Pink Beats by Dr. Dre

The Beats series by Dr. Dre have had quite a bit of impact on popular culture. Ever since they were released in 2008, they have been quite the head-turners. Headphones, in general, have a tendency of being noticeable but the headphones designed by Dr. Dre have taken it to another level. These particular headphones, the Pink Beats by Dr. Dre, are like beacons that will garner you double-takes every time you walk down the street.

The design is amazingly sleek and girls the world over will appreciate the colour. Delving into the Beats sound system is a little bit like biting into a rich, luscious, decadent cake. Everything about the product projects indulgence, from the design of the gear to the box itself, which can even be displayed in your bedroom or studio.

Smartphone Ready

The Pink Beats by Dr. Dre has more to boast aside from being exquisitely designed. It also has other features such as being ready for use on a Smartphone. Most headphones usually have only one compatibility type and that is for media players. Most of the phones you can find in the market nowadays are Smartphones that have musical capability, so if you are going to buy a new pair of headphones, then they need to be able to connect, not just with your iPod, Zune or other music players; they should also be able to connect with your phone. I like that the Pink Beats are compatible with Smartphones because it gives it a wider range of capabilities, and since I own both an iPod and a Smartphone, it would be highly beneficial to have a headphone that works for both.

Noise Cancelling

Noise cancellation is also part of the Pink Beats’ repertoire of features. For the most part, the quality of noise cancellation on these headphones were decent; they were able to completely muffle the sounds of the surrounding once they had been put on in a particularly quiet environment, so much so that the wearer had to be punched in the knee to capture their attention. It was also able to reduce the sounds of much noisier environments, so we know that while it may not win any major awards for its noise cancellation, the feature does at least work properly.

Replaceable Cord

Do you sometimes feel like the cord of the headphones you just bought is far too short? Or maybe your headphones have suddenly stopped playing because the chord broke. Either way, this is a problem you will not encounter with the Pink Beats because the cord of the headphones can be replaced. If the cable’s length is too long or too short for you, you can opt to replace it. You will have to purchase the replacement, but it is readily available, and the point is that if you ever find that your cord is damaged, you do not need to discard the entire product, just the damaged part. I like this particular feature because I always find myself having to discard headphones because their cords have been broken.

Flat Tangle-Free Cord

While we are on the subject of cords, the design of the Pink Beats cords is something that is worthy of a few lines. When Dr. Dre first released his line of studio listening devices, the first thing I noticed about them was the unique design of the cables. The cables are flat, sort of like fettuccine noodles, and came in a bright red colour. The cords of the Pink Beats are in the same flat design, which prevent tangling, and are in the same bright red colour.

Folding Design

The Pink Beats also have the option of being folded up and into itself in order to fit into a carrying case that comes with the product. It can be folded in three parts and reduces the bulk so you can tote it around with you more easily.

Speaker Mute

The design of the Pink Beats is very clever. The discs on the earpieces that bear the ‘b’ logo have specific functions. The left earpiece contains the battery compartment and the right earpiece has a mute button. You can hold down the right ‘b’ to mute whatever you’re listening to and then simply release it to continue playing your music. It is a very ingenious little quirk that would be highly beneficial for when someone comes to bother you while you are watching a movie or listening to music and do not want to be disturbed.

Additional Features of Pink Beats

Wired with Monster cable- the Pink Beats headphone cable is the Advanced Monster Cable which uses Quadripole 4 twisted pair construction, enabling it to reduce and provide a more balanced sound quality.

Micro Minijack- the jack of the Beats headphone is reduced in size in order to ease unnecessary strain and make it easier to use. The smaller size also prevents damage to headphone connectors and ports that can be caused by the bulk of a jack.

Touring Case- everything about the Beats is elegant and rich, even the carrying case. When you get your Beats, it automatically comes with a rugged case that is stiff and rigid and will easily be able to protect your headphones during travel.

Monster Clean

Cloth- The Pink Beats also comes with its own ultra-soft cleaning cloth made of AEGIS® microbe shield to help keep your headphones looking sleek, shiny and absolutely free of germs.

Scratch-resistant Gloss Finish- one of the first draws of the Pink Beats is the sleek, shiny pink surface of the band. This colour and finish was made using advanced, undisclosed materials that will make sure that your headphones stand out in the crowd and consistently look good.

Pink Beats Included Accessories

As mentioned before, the entire marketing of the Beats headphones is ostentatious. Even the box is something you will not want to throw away. The box is more like a shoe box and is definitely different from the packaging of other headphones on the market. The interior is lined in red and has a velvety structure where your Pink Beats headphones are nestled. The headphones come with two cables: the Monster Cable, which is for regular use, and the Monster iSoniTalk iPhone enabled headphone cable, which is, of course, for use on your iPhone. It also comes with the Rigid Tour Case, where you can put your headphones during travel, the cleaning cloth, 2 adapters of different sizes and two AAA batteries.


If you are looking for a large, showy, eye-catching listening instrument, then this pair is definitely worth a looking into. The packaging is superb and the sound quality is also excellent. It provides tight low-ends and warm mids and has an exceptional crisp and balanced tone. It also provides a lot of different accessories and if pink is not quite your colour, you can choose from a wide array of other shades.

It also has a replaceable cable, which I think is a fantastic thing, because you can simply buy a new one if your cable ever breaks, instead of having to do away with the entire unit.


The Pink Beats boasts of a sleek, shiny exterior and it does deliver. However, the sleek shiny visage of the headphones has one particular thing going against it: it is highly smudge-prone. The fact that it comes with its own cleaning cloth is a great thing because you are definitely going to need it. It is incredibly easy to leave fingerprints and other marks on the surface of the Pink Beats and if you are someone who likes shiny things to remain shiny, that cleaning cloth is going to be your new best friend.

Another drawback to this product is that it runs on batteries. I have never been a big fan of carrying batteries around because I find it a hassle and not very eco-friendly. The Pink Beats also has a power switch on the earpiece that one can easily forget about as they burn through battery after battery.

Consumer Ratings

Consumer response to this product has been very favourable, with most people giving it a rating of five stars. People have been very appreciative of its sound quality and colourful design.

Fashion Clothes Shopping

Zanotti pas chere is almost certainly the finest site on the internet for buying clothes. The growth of the internet has resulted in giving the customer the opportunity to shop in the biggest store in the world without having to leave the comfort of your own home. However, Zanotti pas chere does not only allow you to buy the latest fashions, it affords the chance to purchase a whole range of goods from baby products to books, automotive items to DVD’s – virtually anything you need within the United Kingdom.

Zanotti pas chere is a website that offers you the chance to shop in the largest department store without having to travel, find a parking space, wander around for hour after hour in search of that item that you simply must have. You can browse the many different categories which include electrical goods, home and garden, health products, jewelery, toys and much, much more. Shopping has never been as exciting or pleasurable as with Zanotti pas chere. This site can provide you with product descriptions and customer reviews – two things that are generally not available to you when shopping in the traditional way.

Zanotti pas chere allows you to browse what is new in the fashion industry and can show you at a glance which items are topsellers. This site caters for all the family (men, women, teens, juniors, babies) and has ranges of clothing and accessories to suit not only all shapes and sizes but all budgets as well. Whether you may be looking for that little treat for yourself of a gift for a loved one, you can sort easily based on whatever your individual needs are – be it price, reliabilty etc.

The additional beauty is that the site offer customers a whole range of other goods in addition to their range of clothing and affords the customer the opportunity to browse each category to see what is new, what sells best as well as the ability to search by customer review or price. Zanotti pas chere also provides product descriptions to assist you make an informed purchased as customer service and satisfaction is an utmost priority.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you are searching for – be it clothing for everyday wear, a special occasion or even a gift for a friend or family member for Christmas or a Birthday, Zanotti pas chere is the website for you. It is excellent remember for items such as electronic goods (LCD T.V.’s) jewellery as well as clothing items.

Zanotti pas chere really does bring the shopping world into your living room. Check it out today – you will not be disappointed.

Make your company stand out from the crowd by offering free phone calls

There are many people who are dissatisfied with the fact that they have to pay a lot of money for making phone calls every month. This is why most companies are looking for solutions that can help their clients avoid these problems.

The good news is that there are many different phone number suppliers who offer inexpensive, non-geographical phone numbers at more than reasonable price. Although these phone numbers might not be helpful to large corporations, truth is that small businesses, small organizations, medium size organizations and home-based businesses can benefit greatly from these numbers. The fact is that the number of companies that have witnessed the benefits of free phone calling numbers is increasing.

0800 is the most famous phone number for business phone lines, provided by companies. Some of them use other numbers like 0870, 0845, 0808, 0871 and 0845, but 0800 phone numbers are recognized internationally. It’s also good to know that not all of these numbers have the same features and add-ons and this is the reason why they have different prices. Free calling is possible only through 0800 numbers.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that these phone numbers come together with specific calling packages. This means that companies have a great option to simplify the call management process. For those who didn’t know, call management is very helpful especially in situations where companies receive many calls on a daily basis. It is crucial for every company to answer all the calls they receive because their reputation depends on their availability.

As we have previously mentioned, many of these phone numbers that allow free calls, come with specific add-ons which are part of the call management system. For example, they can a so-called auto call attendant feature where every caller receives a short automated greeting while they are waiting for the call to be answered. This is a good way to show your clients that you care for them and value their time.

Next, there is a call routing option which helps companies redirect phone calls to the completely free calling lines. Any call gets redirected automatically in case it is not answered for any reason. In the end, there is fax to email packages which help the company’s fax to switch to email ID automatically.

Free phone calls are crucial for better customer service and they provide few other benefits too.

Road Trip Series – Where To Go

Summer is right around the corner. For many this means planning the family summer vacation. Even with gas prices always in flux, one popular option many families embrace is the road trip. We will be running a series of articles on the blog on everything you will need to know before you hit the open road this summer. From what to check on your car, to products for the trip, to helpful tools in planning your trip, even where to visit, we will cover it all.

Where do you want to go?

Here in New England we are blessed with a plethora of beautiful places to visit that can be driven in a few hours. But if you are like me, you have been to quite a few of these places, from the ocean to the mountains and beyond.  Let’s take a look at some drivable vacations that will not break the band, and will provide your family with a whole new experience.

Head North:

Past Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, you will find a whole different country. Canada is a close neighbor, yet does not always pop up when thinking about road trips. Yet Canada has some wonderful things to offer.

Nova Scotia:

North of Maine, the coast of Nova Scotia is not unlike Maine with it’s beautiful vistas and seaside towns.  From strolling on the sand, to shopping and happening night life in Halifax, Nova Scotia has much to offer. It is a nice day drive from Boston, clocking in at around 10 hours. travel time. Currently there is no ferry service from Maine, but there has been talk of restarting it. But as of now, driving is a very good option. A good way to make the drive a bit more leisurely would be to schedule it over two days, and stop overnight on the coast of Maine.


If the city life is a bit more your style, you may want to make a visit to Montreal. While being very cosmopolitan, it also has a French flair. While most businesses speak fluent English, the most common tongue you will hear is French Canadian. As is the case in all of Canada, the Canadian dollar is the currency accepted.

White Mountains:

The White Mountains is home to some of the best ski areas on this side of the Mississippi. But the fun doesn’t stop in the summer. There are lots of great lodging options, plus R

Ving or camping. From hiking to a hidden waterfall, to Santa’s Village and Storyland, to an antique train ride through the mountains, the White Mountains is natural beauty and fun at it’s best.

Maine Coastal:

Many people head to the Cape in the summer. But some of us head north, to Maine. All along the coast of Maine are beautiful beaches, sleepy fishing villages, lots of outlet shopping and lighthouses galore. Whether you make a long weekend of it, stop on your way to Novia Scotia, or take a whole week to explore, Maine will not disappoint!

Heading West: Lake Champlain, V:

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle, but aren’t interested in heading to the ocean? How about Lake Champlain. Quaint beauty greets you at every turn. 

There’s lots to do, like swim, hike, golf, camp and take boat cruises, but the beauty is, how easy it is to not do anything. A great place for a family vacation.

Hershey Park, PA:

For quite the sweet vacation, take a long weekend and head over to Hershey Park, PA. From the family amusement park to Hershey Chocolate World, to checking out shows or sporting events at the Hershey stadium., Hershey, PA promises a fun filled getaway for the whole family.


While visions of antiquing and quiet country roads may make you think of the Berkshires (and there certainly is plenty of both), the whole family can find something fun in a Berkshires vacation. The kids will always remember their Berkshire family vacation where they can enjoy mountain adventure parks, fishing at a local lake, discovering a hidden hiking path and more. For a back to nature family getaway, don’t forget to check out the Berkshires, practically right in your own backyard!

Head South:

Rhode Island

From Newport, to Block Island, Rhode Island has it’s fair share of beautiful beaches to wiggle your toes in the sand, historic mansions to poke around in and gorgeous vistas to see. No further than Cape Cod, Rhode Island has an abundance of fun, sun and sand to offer.

Jersey Shore:

A few more hours south and you will hit the great state of Jersey. While many have visions of less than pleasant industrial sprawl, Jersey isВ  also home to the Jersey Shore. While there may be some truth to most stereotypes, contrary to popular belief the Jersey Shore is not just home to overly muscled guidos. The Jersey Shore offers beautiful sand beaches, family friendly activities, boardwalks and even gambling in Atlantic City. It is the vacation of choice for many New Yorkers looking for a relaxing getaway not too far from home. New Englanders are promised just as much fun and relaxation!

New York City:

This is a great extended weekend getaway. Even with the kiddos, you can explore so many sites, see a show, take a ferry ride, check out anything from the M&M store to FAO Shwarz to Tiffany’s. While not the least expensive city to stay in, there are deals to be had. There is also the option of staying on the other side of the bridge in Jersey and taking public transport in for day trips, an easy and inexpensive option.

Virginia Beach:

If your up for a bit more of a drive, but doable in a day, you may want to check out Virginia Beach. Straight from the Virgina Beach web site, they say, “

Virginia Beach’s array of attractions means there’s something for everyone. You’ll be amazed at the variety – historic parks, water sports and motorsports, plus zoos and aquariums. Don’t forget the beach and the world-renowned boardwalk. Be surprised and delighted with all that Virginia Beach has to offer – and make sure you plan enough time to take it all in!”

This blog article only covers a few of the drivable options close to home for us here in New England. There are many places to explore that are merely hours away, from the rolling hills and mountains of Vermont, to the lakes and forests in Maine, even Amish Country in PA. Happy trails!

What is a virtual number 800 — Toll Free number?

At least once in our lives, each of us has called to the hotline with the number that begins with 800. Such phone numbers are usually created for the consultation of customers by the workers of different organizations. These numbers are called Toll Free.
What is the number “Toll Free”?

Toll Free is the phone number that doesn’t have any geo-referencing. The cost of such call is paid not by the caller, but by the receiving party.
Connecting the phone number “Toll Free” and using it in your business, you get an opportunity to improve the image of your company. The customer will always feel your care, as you give him/her an opportunity to learn everything he/she needs on the phone, the call to which will be free. This approach can increase the number of customers and effectiveness of work.
How does “Toll Free” work?

If you understand the meaning of marketing for business, you will appreciate such instrument for the number of free access “Toll Free”.

The working principle of “Toll Free” number is the following:

the subscriber makes a call,
it comes to a single “Toll Free” number,
then the call is distributed to the free device (this service can be forwarded to several devices at a time, so that the customer doesn’t hear a busy signal)

“Toll Free” for your customers

Calling to the free access number 800, you customer gets an opportunity:

to place an order (sale)
to solve the problems, when they arise
to get the necessary information
to learn all the special offers or novelties
to report your complaint about the low-quality service or point out the mistakes in the organization of your business

It is also important that the free access numbers “Toll Free” can turn the potential customer into the loyal one.
The advantages of using “Toll Free” number

The use of free numbers 800 will help you to obtain the maximum benefits with minimum investment. There are some other advantages of such number:

realization of free phonecalls by your customers or partners,
the possibility of call recording,
uniting several devices in a single number with the multi-channel lines,
possibility of increasing the number of existing lines,
working with the priority of calls.
How to buy and connect “Toll Free” number?

To buy and connect the number 800, you have to do the following:

to register on the website,
to visit the private office,
to recharge the balance,
to choose the country for number 800,
to choose the type of offered number,
to indicate the device, to which the calls will be forwarded.

Ordering the cheap “Toll Free” number on the site, you’ll get all the kinds of necessary consultations, related to the installation, configuration and description of this service.