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Month: September 2016

Car Care – Tips on Buying and Installing Car Parts

Where is the best place to store my car if the garage is full?

If you cannot get your vehicle under cover in a garage then your options are fairly limited when it comes to protecting the look of your vehicle. Paintwork is especially vulnerable to the elements and needs protection from rain, sun, animals and people so it makes sense to look at a car protection cover to provide a robust layer of all round protection for your pride and joy.

Modern car protection covers are made from durable and flexible materials which perform a variety of protective functions. They will be waterproof and so keep your bodywork from coming into contact with water which will cause discoloration of your paint job and if left unchecked, rust which will ravage the look of your car very quickly and cost dearly to put right. They will also be able to block out the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet or UV radiation; the same rays which cause sunburn in people also cause damage to your paint job and the sun is the major cause of a faded paint job which always looks unsightly and there is nothing you can do to remedy it once it has happened.

Prevention is definitely better than cure in this instance!

It is not just the weather that you need to deal with; there are a host of other things that can damage the look and body of your car such as children playing near the car; the cat deciding the hood is a great place to sunbathe; or a tree shedding leaves under which you have parked the car. All of these and many others will contribute to your car becoming scratched, discoloured, dented and acquiring the odd ding or two depending on how much in harm’s way you have parked the vehicle.

Make sure the car cover is therefore strong and robust enough to deal with minor scrapes and hits from animals, trees and people.

One factor is frequently underestimated and that is bird droppings. Bird droppings are highly acidic and should never be allowed to remain in contact with your car’s paint job. They will react chemically with your paintwork and damage the coating as well as the paint itself causing the formation of discoloured spots, dulled paintwork and if left untreated create opportunities for water to get to the underlying bodywork and cause very serious rust damage.

You need to be able to rely on the protective abilities of the car cover you choose but it needs to be able to fit the vehicle easily and be secured so that it can be left unattended for several weeks or even months. More than this, once it is not in use it must be capable of being stored for long periods of time without losing these qualities – older materials for instance, have a tendency to crack along fold creases and this allows the elements to gain access to your vehicle underneath.

The issue is not so much, where is the best place to store your car outside of the garage but what else is there that you can effectively store your car in. A durable, quality car protection cover will cocoon your car, truck or boat and provide an added layer of protection so it continues to look good and is kept damage free for as long as you own it.